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In the Shadow of the Sacred Grove

BACK IN PRINT! With a beautiful new cover designed by Cope Cumpston and high quality paper. This New York Times Notable Book makes a perfect gift for anyone who loves Africa, art, or armchair travel.


“I was unprepared for the quietly gathering power of this respectfully inquisitive study of modern life in a small West African village…Her integrity is warming; her fidelity to her own experience and faith in her own womanity very moving indeed.”

--Alice Walker

“Carol Spindel’s intriguing account of life in an Ivory Coast village is direct and fresh. And her attention is tellingly focused on what too often fails to appear in narratives of rural Africa—the lives and works and fates of women. This is humane, sensitive, and informative writing.”
--Barry Lopez

“Spindel’s prose is witty and at the same time intensely reflective. This book is both a textured, realistic depiction of another country and a confrontation with the inner world.”
--Susan Griffin

The women potters who taught Carol Spindel appreciate the qualities she has that make this such a remarkable book. They say that ''courage and wisdom'' make a woman a good potter. To them courage is persistence, steadfastness. ''You have courage,'' they tell her. ''You never get tired of asking these questions.''
--New York Times Book Review, New York Times Notable Book
New York Times Book Review